We have noticed that it can be difficult to find a few smaller ballroom accessories if they didn’t come with your dress… and even sometimes local craft stores don’t always carry a decent selection of Swarovski to make anything for yourself.

We wanted to produce those center-part ornaments (we aren’t really sure what they are technically called, so that is what we labelled them LOL). Of course you could wear them on a side-part as well, or even wrap it around a pony tail if you so wished. They are small and very affordable, and for such a small piece of jewelry, I always felt like they really show well and create a dramatic look. Have a peek at our store to see all the variations and colours :-).

center part ornaments

They are most commonly worn like this (imagine the hair parted along the center….):

43-00002 Dolce 1

If you want to know the best ways to help them stay on your head/forehead, please visit our blog post on how to glue things to your forehead (and hair).