We recently posted about gluing rhinestones to your skin (usually forehead… but could be most anywhere. Maybe next time someone passes out at a party??)….which you can read about HERE and we still stand by our recommendations.

We have since tried another product that we are happy to recommend for those stubborn cases where Telesis 7 did not work. This is a silicone-based medical adhesive that we found during our random cosplay DYI tutorial searches from a place called Pan’s Devil Horns:


medical adhesive

… so naturally, we ordered some and tried it out! In our testing, found some advantages and disadvantages:


  •  super, super high stick power!
  • didn’t leave my skin red
  • easy to work with (just as easy as Telesis 7 and same application technique)


  • crazy, crazy stink. Like rubber cement
  • highly flammable
  • leaves a residue, so the remover is definitely recommended
  • ships only by ground, so if you travel for competitions, you may not be able to fly with this


They ship some very detailed instructions on how to use it as well, and have excellent customer service. The glue is expensive however would last you a very, very long time.