I’m sure many of you social media peeps and anyone doing self-branding knows that content is key, and everything that you put out there tells people about who and what you are.

(Yaaaahh yaahh, okay maybe we’ve been a bit lazy with our blog posts but that usually means it’s because we’re busy making jewelry designs!)

We’re big believers in spreading love and sparkles. No shade. But we aim to deliver fun and sass at the same time. Realizing that our product descriptions were a little bland (and non-existent in some cases), overhauling those product write-ups has been on our to-do list…. for a while. We want our customers to have just as much fun as we do.

We’re SO frikken excited to bring on board one of our long-time ride-or-die BFF’s to imbue our boring product descriptions with her amazing literary talents. As an already published author, miss Corrie Brundage knows what we’re all about and was the perfect voice to bring on board with her super-fun and playfully whimsical musings on our designs. It’s a match made in Snatch Game heaven.

Ahahahah! I adore these!!!

We always feel that the ballroom world is a great arena to LIVE YOUR FANTASY  and we want to reflect that all over our site. We hope you all will enjoy the new write-ups!