It’s no conspiracy – plastic pollution is a real problem. We were even more discouraged to learn what was actually happening to a lot of our recycling (… this is a whole other topic, however). When you watch something like the documentary “A Plastic Ocean“, it’s hard to not want to re-evaluate your current system and ask yourself, how can I improve what I’m doing?

We use plastic earring cards that we’re phasing out in favour of our cardboard ones. If any customers who have plastic earring cards and don’t know what to do with them (although… we do recommend that you store the earrings on the card so they don’t jangle around together and chip), we will take back the earring cards for re-use. The plastic ones have benefits for when we’re vendoring (we have stories about all the different ways we’ve tried to display our earrings LOL!) however we may explore more ideas in that department as well. Although we will certainly be sending out online orders with the cardboard now.


Next up – our shipping boxes!! We sourced out some amazing options from Eco Enclose (even their printing inks have been carefully selected) and our boxes just got in. We also have some padded mailers on the way to replace the plastic bubble-wrap envelopes. We originally wanted to cover the box in drawings of gemstones, but then we thought perhaps that would look too enticing for people to steal a box that was sitting on a doorstep. Instead, we went with some good ol’ Marie Antoinette Baroque realness instead. Let them eat cake!