Since we’ve all slowed down in quarantine, now is a perfect time to practice some skills to get ready to eventually step back on to that competition floor. Why let all your make-up sit around and do nothing? Dust off those brushes and get ready for some painting!

Many dancers know all to well that when it comes to competition make-up, it’s a whole world unto itself. It can be stressful not knowing where and how to start, what to use, and how to create a look that you’d pretty much never ever wear anywhere else (but hey, isn’t that half the fun?).

One of our most AH-MAZING jewelry clients has started a youtube channel that addresses all of these things, plus many, many extra tips that I have never seen yet in other tutorial videos (hello mature skin). We feel so blessed that she showcases our jewelry, and working collaboratively together on her signature look and designs has truly been a DREAM.

All that aside, these videos are for some butt-kicking fierceness that will help neophites as well as more seasoned DIY-ers who want extra tips and ideas.

Check out her youtube channel and get your Vitamin Di by clicking on this link. You may laugh, you may cry, but I guarantee you will learn something fabulous <3