We have another small batch of necklaces going up in the store. My favourite one is a re-make of an earlier design, but much more refined. It has beautiful large rectangular Swarovski stones that you don’t see often. The intricate design wraps all the way around the back as well, sitting right at the base of the neck. It’s definitely a dramatic piece, as we were inspired by something that you could imagine had emerged from the vaults of the Royal Jewels….

(it actually could make a really nice crown if you wanted to flip it upside-down LOL!)

ballroom dance jewelry

“Lady Bird”


Next up, a couple more that are on the opposite spectrum – simple and classic:

ballroom dance jewelry, Tzafora

“Mood Indigo”

ballroom dance jewelry, Tzafora

“Day Dream”

We always have more coming of course. Each necklace is hand-made with love 🙂