Tzafora review

…. finally lol! After all sorts of research, we found that probably the easiest way to leave reviews would be to set up our facebook page as a local business so reviews can be left and read by others. In some of our non-formal polling, we found that a lot of Americans like Yelp, but Canadians don’t use it a lot (especially if it’s not food-related LOL, and we didn’t have the opportunity to ask a lot of overseas customers where they look for reivews). Also, it was difficult to search for a business on yelp, and generally we operate as an on-line business or as vendors at events. We did find a review plug-in to attach through our blog here but it required us to approve it before posting, as well as allowed us to fully edit the review. And we felt like this may diminish how people saw the credibility of our reviews.

Honest feedback not only helps other costumers, but helps us improve as well 🙂

Please click HERE to access our facebook page where reviews can be left & read.