A friend of ours had purchased a previously loved dress, and wanted up update the look a bit. She felt the neck-piece looked a bit dated and wanted to change up the look.

The old necklace (which we forgot to take a picture of before we dismantled it….) had some really nice fabric flowers on it. Corresponding flowers were on the dress, and we wanted to keep that same feeling but with a twist.

We reused the flowers into a new asymmetrical necklace. We added strands of crystal fringe to give it movement and pizzazz, and a splash of action on the side we wanted to accentuate.

Sometimes recycling old pieces is not only a fun project but a great way to save some money if you don’t necessarily want to spend your dance budget on new accessories (I guess spending money on dance *lessons* are important too…. ;-P).

Tzafora bespoke flower