It can take a long time to get the hang of having to do your own hair for dancesport competitions. Most of the time, you’ll find your groove by watching endless youtube vids, and doing several experiments. Just through sheer trial & error (and lots of practice), you’ll eventually get something working for you.

A nice clean hairstyle is a pretty critical part to your overall look and presentation. Not all competitions have hairdressers available nor is it something everyone wants to spend money on every time they compete, so learning to DIY it is very convenient.

Also, getting a good sleek hairstyle not only looks fabulous, but it really helps make life a lot easier for adding ornaments. I would say that the most common cause for things falling out/off peoples’ heads is because the hairstyle was too loose.

I’m still trying to fully master getting that satin-christmas-ball-hair (that’s not actually the official term, but it always reminds me of those Christmas tree ornaments that are balls covered in satin threads).


….and I stumbled across this video. One thing I particularly liked is that it shows the process for getting that sleek part which is the base for everything. Basically lots of combing, hairspray, combing, blowdrying, repeat repeat repeat, then gel, and then getting rid of those ‘bubbles’ that get pushed down to the base by re-tying the pony. I notice they’re using a hair bungee (rather than a band) and while I haven’t tried one myself, many people rave about them so they could be worth a try.




The video below here is a good one to show how to make some of the designs with the hair once it’s been tied back. I have no idea what they’re saying (I could be missing out on some juicy tips here) but you’ll still get a lot from simply watching.


Here are a couple more videos that are also very useful, with tons of tips, but a bit longer to watch. Although I highly recommend watching these because they’re filled with useful info. Quite possibly the most informative one I’ve come across yet.

(makeup – it’s Russian and German but worth looking at even if you don’t speak those languages)

Best of luck!!!