Our ballroom jewelry pieces are very durable, however with the extra care, they will last for an extremely long time. Please take note of a few suggestions below to ensure the jewelry’s long life.

  • The crisp edges of the cut facets are one of the many reasons of why Swarovksi stones are so darn sparkly. I recommend storing/traveling/keeping your jewelry in it’s own box and ideally cushioned with lint-free cloth or some sort of softer padding to make sure that it’s not rattling around with itself (ie- earrings rolling around together). If you don’t have a box , wrapping the item(s) in paper towel or cut up t-shirt material can work.
  • Spray hairspray and perfume before you put on your jewelry – the alcohols can be damaging along with heat from a hair dryer. Hairspray can build up on the stones and dull the shine. If you need to re-apply hairspray quickly, just cover your jewelry with cloth or napkin. This applies to your beautiful costume as well so remember to protect your investments when possible.
  • Stoned jewelry pieces can be gently cleaned with a soft-bristle toothbush using a diluted mix of dish-soap and water (followed by a rinse). Take care with any pearls that may be on your piece. The special Swarovski crystal coating on their pearls is impressively durable, although can be chipped or scratch (I’ve tested this – they really are better quality than others, however aren’t indestructible). Pearls generally won’t collect and gunk and won’t likely need ‘scrubbing’ anyway. Please never use any sort of chemical cleaners. We have put our products through some testing and even a few science experiments, however we can’t guarantee the outcome for the infinite amount of more aggressive cleaners available on the market. It will be highly unlikely you would ever require a harsh cleaner, although should you find yourself in such a predicament, please contact us for help.
  • At the end of your competition day, simply lay out your ballroom jewelry to dry in case you got a bit sweaty 😉

Quality and customer satisfaction is important to us, and we encourage customers to contact us if there is any sort of issue that needed repair.

Happy dancing!