We usually put our hair accessory designs on beige-colored backing, since it’s the most versatile and pretty much goes with any hair color. Of course we can produce these on any color of backing (and sometimes we do!)…. and they can even be done purposely for effect (say, a dark backing against light hair—quite striking if that contrast idea is a part of your costuming).

Still, the majority will go on a beige since it looks ‘neutral’ against all hair color. Of course, never hesitate to contact us if you wish to have something made in a specific color 🙂

We put together a picture comparison below, using our lovely custom mannequin heads as models. The hairpiece on the left is on a beige backing, comparing against the same (but mirrored) design on a black backing:


As with black, you could really do either:

Tzafora - light vs dark (1)









And on blond, it creates a striking difference:

Tzafora - light vs dark (6)





On light-brown hair:

Tzafora - light vs dark (4)

And on medium-to-darker brown hair, either way is pretty neutral:

Tzafora - light vs dark (5)





And here are our two red-hair versions:

Tzafora - light vs dark (2)




Tzafora - light vs dark (3)






We hope this helps give you an idea of how these look against hair color. 🙂

We are constantly adding new hair accessory designs and welcome you to visit our site anytime.