We had a really awesome client ask us to create some ideas to match her beautiful rhythm costume that was black with a fire-like motif on the side of reds, oranges… basically fire-opal.

There were not a lot of options for fancy-stones in fire-opal so we worked with a lot of reds and oranges and yellows with some of the newer Jet/silver night stone cuts that I’m really loving.  Out of five ideas, we decided to run with the ear-wreath since our awesome dancer was after something that was more unique and expressed her sass and fashion-forward aesthetic.

jewelry sketch


Personally, I’m in love with the ear-wreath concept and I’m always surprised that I haven’t really seen much of this on the dancefloor. Even better for us, in this case! I had a lot of fun with this set, and it’s up in one of those I-kinda-want-to-keep-it-for-myself projects.

fire opal